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We have a modern system for pressure, raw material ,fumigation (disinfestation) using carbon dioxide.

Pests are destroyed by three factors: the high pressure, anaerobic atmosphere, and the decompression effect. The used carbon dioxide is not hazardous to the environment and does not leave any residues in the products, so no tests for fumigant residues are necessary - the method is environmentally friendly, fast and efficient. Fumigation with gaseous CO2 effectively destroys insects, larvae and eggs in the herb materials, seeds, and food products, such as coffee, rice, tea, nuts or pepper.

The highest standards are observed during fumigation, and this is confirmed by the HACCP food safety assurance system certificate received.

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Purchase of plant materials

Caring for our natural environment, we obtain our raw materials in accordance with the relevant legal requirements, from environmentally clean areas.

We always verify the raw material’s origin, and we train our gatherers before starting cooperation. The collected range of materials changes depending on our needs; we mainly purchase: chestnut bark, bilberry leaf, birch leaf, coltsfoot leaf, camomile capitula, elderberry flower and fruit, and rowan berries, as well as other materials.

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Contracting of plant materials

In our work we obtain raw materials of the highest quality. Our crops are managed in accordance with GACP (Good Agricultural and Collection Practices) guidelines. The plantations are monitored, and farmers are provided with the assistance of our instructors.

The greatest area under crop is dedicated to milk thistle, but we also contract Chamisso arnica, common bean, common marigold, chamomile, sage, mint, nettle, and many other plants and herbs, according to our needs.

If you would like to work with us, call us. Here you will find answers to your questions and learn about our current needs.

Sales of herbs

For our customers we ensure high quality raw materials that are sorted, cut, and powdered.

We guarantee the timely performance of sales agreements and offer attractive prices.

Our range includes:

  • roots,
  • barks,
  • flowers,
  • leaves,
  • fruit,
  • seeds,
  • herbs.

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Contract manufacturing

We render services to pharmaceutical, herbal, food, dietary supplements, and cosmetics sectors concerning:

  • the tableting of pharmaceutical and dietary supplement granulates and mixtures;
  • the production of pharmaceutical and dietary supplement granulates and mixtures;
  • the production of granulates to a recipe provided;
  • the cooking of pharmaceutical and dietary supplement syrups;
  • the production of methanol or water extracts, thick and dry;
  • the drying of thick extracts;
  • packing:
    - into individual and/or secondary packaging;
    - liquid products into glass bottles with metal caps;
    - pharmaceutical and cosmetic ointments and gels into O25 or O19 metal tubes, and O35 and O25 polyethylene tubes;
    - pharmaceutical and dietary supplement granulates and mixtures into hard capsules;
    - labelling;
    - compaction.

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Sales of food flavourings

Our flavourings are an excellent addition, rendering flavour to food products. They are also widely used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Our flavourings are an excellent addition, rendering flavour to food products, such as beverages, confectionery and bakery products, creams, ice cream, desserts, coatings, confectionery fillings, and many others.

A carrier of flavourings is ethyl alcohol, enhancing the properties of our compositions. Our flavourings are manufactured from raw materials purchased only from certified and qualified suppliers. We regularly inspect and audit them, as we put a great emphasis on the quality of our products.

The highest standards of quality and safety of food flavouring manufacturing is confirmed with certificates granted: ISO 9001:2000, HACCP and IFS v. 6

Advantages of our flavourings include:

  • long shelf life;
  • high quality of our products;
  • wide range of flavours and aromas;
  • well reflected natural flavours and aroma;
  • no complaints.

Types of food flavourings:
aniseed, lemon, eucalyptus, candy, raspberry, mint, almond, honey, apricot, orange, wild strawberry, rum, cream, strawberry, vanilla, and cherry.

Available packaging volumes: 
0.8 litres, 1 litre, 5 litres, 10 litres, 20 litres, and 30 litres.

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Sales of milk thistle endosperm

Milk thistle endosperm is an excellent source of proteins and fats in doses and feed mixtures for farm animals.

Biological active substances present in the endosperm have an advantageous effect on animal health - protecting their liver, reducing cholesterol levels, and stimulating the activity of some enzymes in the blood. They also improve the carcass dressing percentage.

The fat present in the milk thistle endosperm contains significant amounts of unsaturated fatty acids important for health, which improve the nutritional value of products (eggs, milk, meat) obtained from animals feed with this endosperm. Furthermore, the natural antioxidants found in the endosperm protect oil against oxidation. The total protein content in the endosperm exceeds 21%, and its usefulness as a source of feed protein significantly exceeds corn grain, being close to that of legumes. Amino acid deficiencies (methionine for poultry and lysine for cattle) can be easily supplemented with commercially available crystalline formulations.

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Quality services

Herbapol Poznań laboratories offer a wide range of analyses (including physical and chemical tests, stability studies, and microbiological tests).

We offer quality control tests for starting materials, herb materials, medicinal products, dietary supplements, and cosmetics. Our Quality Control Laboratory is furnished with high quality certified equipment, and tests are performed by experienced personnel. The Company offer also includes the drawing up of a registration dossier for medicinal products and active substances (module 3 CTD).

The Laboratory conducts all analyses in accordance with guidelines included in the European Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur.) We also offer services of storage in stability study chambers, Furthermore, we prepare CTD quality documentation for API and medicinal products.

Our Quality Control Laboratory looks forward to working with you. If you want to learn more, write to us.

Other Services

Apart from fumigation or plant material contracting services, we also offer services specially dedicated to the herbal sector. We conduct metal detection, dry delivered materials, and the sowing and (as required) cutting and powdering of delivered materials.


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