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Reduces pain ailments in degenerative disorders of motor organs.


Product details

Patient information leaflet

Read leaflet before use. The leaflet describes indications, contraindications, and gives information about adverse reactions and dosage, as well as about administration of the medicinal product. Otherwise consult a doctor or a pharmacist as improper use of any pharmaceutical product can pose a danger to life and health.

Active substance

100 mg of composite extract from devil's claw root, Echinacea purpurea herb and Filipendula ulmaria flower (Extractum spissum compositum ex: Harpagophyti radice (4 parts), Echinaceae purpureae herba (3 parts), Ulmariae flore (3 parts) DER 2-4:1, extractant: ethanol, water)


Assistance in the treatment of degenerative disorders of motor organs.

Dosage and administration

Adults and adolescents over 12: 1 tablet 3 times in chronic disorders, unless recommended otherwise by a doctor. Do not use for more than 10 days in succession.


Chronic gastric or duodenal ulcer disease; progressive systemic disorders; allergy to plants from the family of (Compositae = Asteraceae). Do not use this drug if hypersensitive to salicylates or any of the ingredients.

Responsible entity

Poznańskie Zakłady Zielarskie Herbapol S.A. in Poznań


30 tablets


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